MENK for the Treatment of patients with AIDS-Related Complex 46 patients in a randomized controlled 12-week trial in patients with a CD4 count between 200 and 500 and ARC symptoms. At high dose MENK there was significant increase in CD3, CD4, CD8, CD25 and CD56 and an increase in NK and (LAK) cells, pokeweed mitogen-induced blastogensis, lymphoproliferative activity and significant reduction in the size of lymph nodes.

Clinical Results showed a reduction of constitutional symptoms with MENK therapy. These symptoms included body weight changes, lymphadenopathy, fatigue, night sweats, scrotal infection, thrush, oral herpes and tetraplegia.   Patients were followed from anywhere from 4 to 24 months Clinical Evaluation 42 year old male Kaposi Sarcoma/AIDS Results at 4 months Kaposi Sarcoma stable, no opportunistic infections, 42 year old male Pneumocystis, esophageal candidiasis, cerebral toxoplasmosis, Generalized in lung, G.I., bone marrow, meningitis, pericarditis, Kaposi Sarcoma, AIDS Results at 10 months + no opportunistic infections except candida, shingles enteritis cured, Kaposi Sarcoma stable, Klebsiella septicemia cured. 34 year old male Kaposi Sarcoma (cutaneous lymph nodes AIDS Results at 24 months Kaposi Sarcoma Stable some remission, no opportunistic infection, salmonella septicemia at month 22. 37 year old female Cerebral Toxoplasmosis, Candida Esophagitis, Kaposi Sarcoma, AIDS results at 8 months + Paraplegia and Sphincteral problems (Death of unknown origin bacterial infection lung. 36-year-old male lost 22 lb., night sweats, lymph nodes, and scrotal infection AIDS. Results at 19 months gained back 24 lb. complete clinical recovery, node regression, on opportunistic infections 36 year old male intestinal pneumonia, weight loss, fatigue, recurrent oral herpes, results at 11 months weight gain 5 lb., decreased fatigue and oral herpes.